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Artists' Statements

Kat Marissal

I started painting approximately two years ago.  I always had it in the back of my mind that maybe someday I would try it. When I developed some health issues that stopped me from working and doing many physical activities, I decided to give painting a try.

I never even knew I had the talent and was pleasantly surprised to see what I could create. It does take a lot of practice and I love experimenting with different techniques. I am very passionate about my art work. 

I enjoy painting Northern Lights, seascapes, mountains, waterfalls, forests and abstracts of flowers etc. I paint on canvas, stones, and plates with acrylic paints. 

I especially enjoy sharing my creations with others who can enjoy them, too. 

Every day I am very excited to get up in the morning to see what I can create. I believe that creative expression can foster healing physical and mental well being. 

Lisa Morales

I am one of those photographers who actually used a Brownie Hawkeye camera in childhood with a huge flash and hot blue bulbs which burned my fingers. I never considered photography professionally until I retired from my prior careers. I have spent the last two years soaking up as much knowledge as I can from photographers whom I admire greatly, traveling with them and learning in the field. I enjoy participating in photo competitions as a means to hone my skills. I no longer use the Brownie but a Sony A7riii mirrorless camera.


I have a strong preference for monochrome images, my mind operates primarily in black and white. My focus is on travel photography as an effort to bring the world some semblance of interconnection, to show that mothers and lovers world-wide have the same joys and sorrows. I write a travel blog as well, which is heavily image-based and not a ten best list. I welcome your inquiries and would love to write about your destination, attraction or corner of our Earth. Prints available as archival inkjet or giclee limited editions.

An Exhibit Originally Scheduled for the Truro Council on Aging June 1-30

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